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Merciful Minerva! Wonder Woman returns to TV

I have rarely been so terrified of a project that could be so potentially awesome.

No one expected that NBC would pick up David E. Kelley's reboot of Wonder Woman. It's a reinvention of Diana Prince as a corporate executive who is also a vigilante crime fighter. No word on whether that means they will jettison her Amazonian roots, but I'm betting she won't be in the iconic strapless swimsuit and go-go boots.

I'm excited, because there's a screaming shortage of women heroes on television right now and the few that persist are mostly cops. I'm terrified, because it's network TV and they hardly ever get it right.

It's also David E. Kelley, who brought us the idiotic Ally McSqueal as the 1990s' alleged answer to women's rights, which led Salon to quip, "The guy who killed feminisim is reviving Wonder Woman." I'm not encouraged by his statement that she's a modern woman trying to "balance all the elements of her extraordinary life." Yes, because unlike men who have spent centuries balancing work, home and soul, women are incapable of doing so without angst. Gah.

Then there's the real question: Who's going to play Diana? No word on whom Kelley might pick. When Joss Whedon was working on it, floated names included Angelina Jolie, Charisma Carpenter and Eliza Dushku. Honestly, I'd love to have seen Carpenter do it, but she's 40 and that might as well be 200 in Hollywood years.

Please, not Megan Fox.

Look, we all wanted to see Joss Whedon's long-vanished Wonder Woman movie script. Everyone except the movie executives, that is. Because Hollywood seems to think women can't hold the center of a comic book movie (or a Disney film, or anything that doesn't involve standing in the corner and screaming for help), we have to turn to I-kid-you-not network TV for a woman to kick ass in the name of truth, justice and the American way.

(What, you think Big Blue gets all the fun?)

Here's hoping that Kelley actually read the comics, learned something from the McSqueal backlash, and gets out of the way when whoever-she-is starts wielding the lasso. Buffy is long gone from the airwaves. Geek girls need a new heroine.


Kat Tales

If they do it right, the network executives will cancel it prematurely.
Birds of Prey was just getting to the big payoff when it was canceled. (That was must see for both my hubby and myself. Men will watch strong women if it's written right. He also loves Wonder Woman)


Oh please make this good... oh please...

I wore my Wonder Woman underoos until I could no longer fit into them, and I still have them tucked away in a box somewhere at my mom's...

And I hope they don't completely jettison the Amazonian thing - it's part of what got me interested in her in the first place, being such a mythology geek.


Yay! I hope they go with a variation of the current comic costume, but showing more muscle. And that the actress they get has muscle to show (I tend to always favor Rona Mitras for this role, myself). The one positive about the strapless bathing suit was that it showed plenty of muscle whenever they had artists drawing it....which varied greatly. My vintage style WW figure has great muscles! The new costume has a baggy sleeved jacket which hides her arms, so no visible muscle...but otherwise much better.

If they ditch the Amazonian thing, I'm probably not going to watch. Why not just create a new character. Of course, Wonder Woman may be, at least in part, responsible for me being a Polytheist today, which I'm sure some group or another has made accusations about at some point. ~;)

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