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In the category of making you feel old...

It's true. Ralph Macchio is now the same age as Pat Morita was when they filmed The Karate Kid.

I don't know what's worse: this fact destined to make millions of 1980s kids groan and reach for their walkers, or the fact that when I shared this with a roomful of friends, none of them knew who I was talking about. I'm not crazy, right? Karate Kid was really all that?

Also brought to you in the "no original content" section of revisiting the '80s: it's now abundantly clear that Back to the Future II was lying about the hoverboards. The phone glasses, however, appear to be on their way, courtesy of Google. Please, give me the gas-bots. That's all I ask. Flying cars need to wait until people learn how to drive in two dimensions.


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